MuEon DaEon | From Speechless to Many Voices

Troughout the world, the systematic abuse of female bodies is a particularly brutal exercise of power and violence. The museum “MuEon DaEon l From Speechless to Many Voices” deals with sexual violence in both armed conflicts and during times of peace. It was extended by a permanent exhibition in September 2019.


Permanent exhibition

The “Comfort Women” and Our Fight Against Sexual Violence

The permanent exhibition documents the continuity of sexualised violence as a globally recurring form of violence. It deals with the history of the “comfort women”, sexual slavery by the Japanese military during the Second World War, the Wehrmacht brothels and concentration camp brothels of the Nazi regime, as well as the rape of German women by soldiers of the Allies. The example of South Korea illustrates how violence and colonial legacy are passed on: rape by South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War and organized prostitution for US soldiers in military bases in South Korea. Finally, the actions by the Yazidi women after the genocide of 2014, the work of Medica Mondiale and our local activities are shown as ways of dealing with sexualised violence. In addition to this documentation, artworks such as the “Statue of Peace on a Journey” and the “Vietnam Pieta” are exhibited by the well-known artists Kim Seo-Kyung and Kim Eun-Sung.

Sponsors and Cooperation Partners

House of Sharing
Korea Stiftung
Stiftung Umverteilen